Weekly anti-wall demonstration in village of Ma’assara

“Al-Ma’assara formed the committee to protect the Bethlehem district, and became an example for activities that express the best of the historical and religious significance of Bethlehem district.   The village became the eye of the district and the eye of the south.  The popular committees to resist the wall in Palestine were able to convince the world of the justice of the Palestinian cause and to bring international support.  International solidarity activists became faithful messengers of Palestinian cause and unknown soldiers standing by the Palestinian people.  They transmit the stories of Palestinian suffering to people around the world to pressure their government to end the brutal occupation.”
– Iyad Burnat, one of the founders of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements. He was been the victim of Israeli brutality and kidnappings on many different occasions.

Cortege approaches line of Israel soldiersMa'assara protestSoldiers filmed Palestinian and international activistsA Palestinian woman and her daughter cross the soldier's barrier at one point but are quickly put back on the other side


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