Weekly Protest in Bil’in

Over the last few weeks, the residents of Bilin have been subjected to constant night raids by the Israeli military, in retaliation to their weekly nonviolent demonstrations, now in their fifth year, against the Apartheid Wall, which has stolen over half of their land.  So far, 17 youths have been arrested, some as young as 16 years of age, usually for their participation in the demonstrations.  Many of the boys will not see their family again for months.

– from electronicintifada.net

The procession of several hundred march toward the separation fence around 2pmSoldiers at an army base on the other side of the barrierAfter protesters pried open the gate, the army brought a truck that sprayed a stinky green chemical substance all over the crowd.  Then they got out the tear gas and the protest ended with everyone running and screaming in pain.


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